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I give a big shout out today for my success in because of these sessions. He kept me accountable and made me feel that what I was doing is important. He is totally a big picture person that has the ability to make the little things matter. He is a chill person. And… secretly funny. I feel a sense of enjoyment when I talk to him or work with him. We get a lot done. It is meaningful. Scott is a great man that I have been very blessed to get to work with.

-Ryan Anderson-

I am thankful for the time you worked with me. It completely changed the way I viewed myself and gave me the courage to change how I did life in general. I can't thank you enough for everything you did to help me.

-Nicole Boulanger-

Scott was the man that kept me level-headed as I started preparing myself for life post-college.  He is great at connecting with people and finding common ground quickly.  From there Scott embraces opportunities for conversation to go way further than expected, maximizing the time together.  He establishes a great relationship and trust with one another. I will always treasure our weekly conversations in his office, talking about bigger topics of perspective. Rarely will someone find a person like Scott that holds great value in helping people focus on what truly matters in life.

-Gary Hadachek-

I always refer my friends to go to him. I always mention the way that Scott would always ask me how I was doing before our session had even started. He is a very authentic gentleman and truly cares and wants the best for others.  I always felt at home in his office and no matter how many times I would stress out about grades or classes, he always reminded me that I was a phenomenal student who can do anything. He was and still is the only administrator who has told me how smart I was and how capable I was to handle whatever may come my way. I will never forget the words he shared with me. He always brightened my day and my spirits!

-Darby Miller-