What the heck is Be Able?

Mostly because I only had one marketing class my entire 20 school years worth of education, somewhere along that journey never did I grasp thoughts about marketing strategy and branding. Oh but let me tell you I'm learning by fire now. Loads of questions and confusion being thrown my way. I've gotten very used to taking notes of the critiques and over explaining away my theories behind this abstract thought of Be Able.

Abstract doesn't work very well in a market of clearly defined brands. All the strategists out there say this very clearly themselves and they are right. I really don't have the luxury of time to coyly waist hours and patiently wait for the earned trust of others. So, I'll blog about it.

Be Able is about providing hope.

But it goes beyond hope in the form of actually taking action upon that hope. In a fun way, hope is also an abstract thought. And like a lot of other ideas and feelings, you have to act upon it for it to take shape. So many people and ideas stop at the thought alone. But why I ponder?

Lack of motivation. Learned experience of defeat. Naysayers. No vision. Lots of factors contribute to a lack of action. Fear being a huge contributor towards complacency and stagnation. Fear is a sneaky little dude too. It's caught me most of my life and I didn't even know it.

So Be Able is about being there to provide hope in situations that seem unknown, unseen or unclear. An accountability partner to provide vision. A conversationist to question motive. A strategist to dust off a game plan. We've got some fantastic things planned and ideas to contribute to the community as well. I guess literally you can categorize me as a Coach. I work with individuals to build their capacity for growth.

I love collaboration and connection. I'd love to partner somehow and I would love to get ideas on how to contribute to the community.

1. I plan to blog more. I think I like writing. There's also a large need to provide more insight into what Coaching is and the tremendous impact that takes place when allowed.

2. I plan to conduct weekly (high ambition) roundtable discussions with themes of empowering individuals to witness and hopefully bravely enter into the conversation. Our topics have included #strengths #community #lifeskills #mentor so far. Lots of community members have partaken and I'm looking for more voices to share.

3. Coaching workshops. Ambitiously seeking to create monthly group workshops around ideas of Goal Setting, Visioning your Future Self, Shaking hands with your Fear etc....I truly believe the philosophy and coach-like approach to relationships helps to elevate conversations to such deep levels. Active listening, non-judgement and curiosity are tenants of a coaching stance in conversation. I think the world could use more listening and less judging.

4. I would love to fill some gaps related to supporting the Youth in the area. Academic support is a huge target we've got our eye on. Youth mentoring as well. Can't get enough of that.

So much more to say. Maybe subscribe to this and read more if you're still reading.