System vs. Goals

Recently hired Head Football Coach of the Kansas State Wildcats Chris Klieman was famously quoted as saying "Just win the dang day" during his introduction talk to the team and players. As corny as that phrase is, it epitomizes a systematic approach towards an end goal. If you've never really been a goals type of person or if you've grown adverse to goal minded thinking or goals are just too daunting to tackle, then here's a fresh take on how to overcome that type of thinking:

Me and goals never really got along. But I have found a way around tricking myself into living a more goal orientated life. It’s through the creation of systems and processes. Focusing on the task at hand and winning each moment (winning the dang day!).

This allows a shift in thought away from a daunting end result and more towards a much more manageable incremental moment. The more moments that you win, the more progress you make towards your end goal.

Goal is to lose 30 pounds this year. Awesome. The moment to beat is that 1030pm nutty bar sitting in the refrigerator.

Goal is to reach that next Sales performance level. Great. The moment to beat is making that 17th cold call of the day with true genuineness and sincerity as your 1st ever.

So, go ahead and set those New Years Resolutions. Perhaps this year think more along the lines of winning the small incremental moments of each dang day.