Sharing Vision

The Power of Speaking Vision into Someone

Do you understand the resonating depth that occurs when you share vision into another’s life? I am not talking about sharing your dreams and self-driven passions. I am talking about you speaking into someone else’s life and sharing with them who you see them as. Breathing inspiration into their potential. Framing a model of their future self. Incredibly inspirational and especially to those who are thirsting for a path.

Before you can freely speak into someone’s life, please ask permission first. If you are a parent this may seem a bit odd, but this is coaching philosophy 101. Removing the authoritarian stance can allow an empowering message to actually stick for the first time. Youth and children crave belonging and contribution, so set the stage for a meaningful conversation and ask permission for you to speak into their future self.

- “Jim I’d love to share with you how I see your contribution to this company down the road. Would that be alright if we talked about where I see you in 2 years?”

Once you have set the stage and created an alliance, start with the end in mind. Cast vision of who you seem them as. Strength based acknowledgments. Mention positive efficacy building attributes you notice in them now, but correlate that towards how you see their future self. Be as specific as you can.

- “Ella you could be a fantastic entrepreneur and business developer because you think outside the box. You love doing craft projects and do so much without much guidance from me….”

The idea is to not project your assumptions and live your life through them. That line of action goes train wreck wrong and plays out with themes of regret time and time again. No, you actually have to do some work here and pay attention to the other person’s value system, dreams and desires. Ask them. Formulate ideas and thoughts around how they see themselves first. These types of dialogues help to solidify even further conversations and deeper relationships.

- DO NOT SAY: “Billy you’re going to be a fantastic baseball player for the Royals. Remember that I played college baseball for a year and I could’ve gone pro if…..but you’re going to make it.”

- Perhaps say instead: “Billy what do you love to do? Billy, at school, what subject makes the most sense to you? What is it about history that grabs your attention?.......”

When delivered correctly and positively, sharing a vision of how you see someone can be an incredibly rewarding moment for the recipient. Not only does it give someone a possibility, but it also affirms and sparks belief internally within them. Who could you inspire today?