How Are You Talking Lately?

Allow someone the stage to unfold their narrative of the day:

There you are. All put together, going about your day. You’re actually completing tasks and moving about your day in an efficient pace for once. Congrats as this does feel Awesome!! You’ve automated your routine to a science and know precisely which paths to take in order to maximize your tiny little accomplishments along the way……

But what have you sacrificed to make your day so routine and automated, in order to do what was needed to be done?

What I’ve seen a lot lately is the loss of conversation. Collectively we’ve sacrificed little moments of friendliness and banter, for the race to get to the next meaningless spot.

Moreso, we’re losing the opportunities to go deeper into these moments of catching up and to learn about the real stuff that is important to others as we naively brush one another off each day.

I propose soon, you catch yourself in one of these moments that will arise. Don’t just stop with a nicety. Go to that second level that allows genuineness.

Practice your active listening skills and offer someone the stage to unfold their latest narrative and just see where that takes you!!!!

Be Able to make a connection,