a Month of Vision January was

Looking back now, I really enjoyed the month of January and the concept of forward looking. Because your keen eye caught the details, you saw that we posted articles during the month of January on the theme of Vision. Each month Be Able will pick out a theme and post articles related to the concept and even reinforce/incorporate these themes during our Monday Roundtable discussions with the group of free thinkers.

November was Community- importance of having people and a place

December was Goals- why to and how to set intentional goals

January was Vision- why and what it allows for your growth

February is Decision Making- importance of making sound, logic based choices

Here are some highlights from the month of Vision:

Vision allows you to destroy your upcoming roadblocks

Vision helps to declutter and unravel complicated thoughts

Martin Luther King Jr had a Vision of Hope

Vision creates Foresight which is strategic thinking and thus allows more sound decisions.

Always feel free to reach out and bounce ideas off of us.....we're open for collaboration.

Enjoy your moments out there,